It’s the second half of 2019. When did that happen?? It was a wonderful summer and now I’m gearing up for a cooler fall in the booth. The incredible Lauren Blakely’s multicast audio adventure “Instant Gratification”, which I was lucky enough to be included on, is now out. I highly recommend getting it for the writing, the story, and the amazing voice cast.

And in only 2 days it will be the start of RARE London! My first time at a Romance Authors and Readers event and I can’t wait. I’ll be attending along with some fantastic narrator friends; Andi Arndt, Kit Swann, Shane East, Ava Lucas and Zachary Webber. Plus about a hundred incredible Romance Authors. Including a few I’ve had the honor of narrating for; Abbi Glines, Ava Harrison, Skye Warren, and Lisa Renee Jones. If you’re there come say hi!

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Featured Audio Release

WANDERLUST by Lauren Blakely

co-narrated with RICHARD ARMITAGE


"I need to talk about the amazingness that is Grace Grant, seriously, she was perfection as Joy. She nailed every aspect of the character, I also have to say I felt she did a wonderful job on the British side of things, it’s not easy to pull off a convincing accent, but she does, it isn’t over-played, which I think helps, it was subtler. And I loved it. I just love listening to her, I could do it for hours, oh wait, I did!"

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Beautiful Series 

I have been so lucky to be able to narrate all of the fantastic women in Christina Lauren's Beautiful Series (I think Will & Hannah are my favorite...shhhhh)

The Beautiful Series has become an iconic series in this new era of erotic romance. It has brought us rich characters that not only pair up for crazy hot romance and sizzling sex, but who share comradery and deep friendship that makes listeners keep coming back to hear them all again from book to book.