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Genre-Defining Voices:                                                        Top Romance Narrators- Grace Grant

Grace Grant's deep and mature voice, coupled with her believability both in moments of seduction and humor, makes her a natural in the Romance genre. Her dialogue is effortless – including the tricky male point of view – and her transitions between dialogue and an internal monologue are something to be studied and admired.

‘From Ha Ha Ha to Hot Hot Hot’ -Audible interview with Grace Grant

“I think a sense of humor is essential to romance, and sex, in real life, and in fictional stories. I'm drawn to love stories where the protagonist is funny, whether intentionally or not, because I often find myself in Lucille Ball-like situations, so I can relate. As a narrator I often find comedy in a character's internal monologue, two voices inside one head. Most recently in LJ Shen's Dirty Headlines I had the great pleasure of Jude's conscience being (in her mind) the voice of Jesus, so I got to voice 'his' commentary on her choices. Back when I was starting out I got to work on Christina Lauren's Beautiful Bastard series and I loved that a character would talk to her own body parts. I remember having to do so many takes of 'Traitor Nipples' to stop laughing.” -Grace


Narrator Hall of Fame

I can find very little on the mysterious Grace Grant but I do know this: she is one amazing narrator. I first heard her read Unteachable by Leah Raeder. I was not impressed when her voice first came over my headphones. Then I realized I was annoyed with the character's behavior and not actually the narrator (which is a good thing in Unteachable). It's like watching an annoying character in a movie and really hating the role, to the point of not liking the actor. Then you realize you hate the character so much because the actor is just that good. Grace Grant makes characters come to life with vibrant personality. Her inflection and cadence are captivating and she adds real passion without being cheesy. She also pulls off male characters convincingly. I often find myself forgetting a woman is narrating when the male characters are talking; she's just that good. To me, that is one hallmark of a great narrator. 


Review on Readers Together

I need to talk about the amazingness that is Grace Grant, seriously, she was perfection as Joy. She nailed every aspect of the character, I also have to say I felt she did a wonderful job on the British side of things, it’s not easy to pull off a convincing accent, but she does, it isn’t over-played, which I think helps, it was subtler. And I loved it. I just love listening to her, I could do it for hours, oh wait, I did!


Review on Hot Listens

Once again Grace Grant excellent interpretation of the story and its characters make the second entry to the trilogy and all around winner.
She has kept the characterizations with consistency; however, she has injected Sara and Chri’s characters with the growth they have undergone in this installment.
The mystery thickens a little bit more, and Grace Grant skillfully delivers the mood of the novel. Once again she does a fantastic job at keeping the sensuality real and authentic.
Her pace and tone are right on target; her differentiations of voices are clear. Her male voices are adequate and believable – they never interfere with your enjoyment.
All in all, this is a very good performance, and one that is sure to transport you to the setting without any distractions.


Review on Collectors of Book Boyfriends

’Grace Grant's performance was perfect, as always. Her voices and inflexions for Kat, Wes and Kat’s grandmother were my favorite. I especially loved the sex scenes’ narrations, they were beyond romantic.


MTV Interview with Romance Novelist Christina Lauren and Narrator Grace Grant